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“We’re committed to finding and developing new solutions every day to meet the growing demand for better fuel economy without every sacrificing performance.” – Chevrolet

2014 Chevy Spark

From electric cars, to hybrids and fuel efficient vehicles, Chevrolet has been consistently leading the way for eco-friendly automobiles. Most recently, the Chevrolet Spark was recognized as the ACEEE[i] individual winner for the subcompact hatchback class as the most practical and affordable ‘green’ choice.

Why Eco-Friendly

Besides the obvious fact that eco-friendly vehicles are better for the environment, these vehicles can also help drivers save time and money.

Eco-friendly vehicles, including electric, hybrid and fuel efficient models provide a cost-effective way to improve overall energy efficiency, while reducing carbon emissions. Since these energy efficient vehicles provide drivers with higher MPG, that means less time spent at the pump and more time on the road.

Chevrolet Eco-Friendly Models

The Chevrolet automakers have released a variety of eco-friendly models, including fuel efficient cars and trucks, electric cars and hybrids.

When it comes to fuel efficient vehicles, Chevy has a lineup that includes the Chevy Cruze Eco, Chevy Malibu Eco, Chevy Sonic Hatchback and Chevy Equinox. Fuel economy ranges from 30-42 MPG highway.

If you’re looking for an electric car, the Chevy Volt is a full-performance electric vehicle that has the ability to run on gas when necessary. When fully charged, the Volt has an electric range of 35 miles, gas-free. For longer trips, the Volt can go up to 375 miles, transitioning from all-electric to gas-powered.

Hybrid models produced by Chevy included the Chevy Silverado Hybrid and Chevy Tahoe Hybrid. The Silverado Hybrid is America’s first two-mode hybrid full-size pickup, while the Tahoe Hybrid is America’s first full-size SUV hybrid.

The Chevrolet Siverado Hybrid and Tahoe Hybrid both come standard with 20 MPG city and 23 highway, maximizing power with efficiency.

If you’re interested in purchasing an eco-friendly Chevrolet vehicle, explore Mountain View Chevrolet’s inventory of hybrid electric and flexible fuel cars, trucks and SUVs. Mountain View Chevrolet is located in Upland, CA serving the greater Los Angeles and southern California communities. Visit us at 1079 W Foothill Blvd, or give us a call, (877) 276-6688.

[i]The ACEEE is the American Council for Energy Efficient Economy which conducts an annual survey to determine the most- and least environmentally friendly new vehicles for sale in the U.S.


[i] http://www.forbes.com/sites/jimgorzelany/2014/01/28/the-greenest-and-eco-meanest-cars-for-2014/

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