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Chevrolet Lease Extension and Return Guide at Mountain View Chevrolet

Navigating your lease end options doesn't have to be a daunting process. At Mountain View Chevrolet, we're dedicated to helping our customers understand the choices they have as their lease comes to a close. This guide will walk you through the steps involved in extending your Chevrolet lease, returning your leased vehicle, and choosing a new lease.

Extending Your Chevrolet Lease

If you've grown attached to your Chevrolet and aren't quite ready to part ways, lease extension could be the perfect choice. To initiate a lease extension:

  1. Contact our Lease Department: Our lease department team will be happy to discuss your extension options and guide you through the process.

  2. Discuss Your Terms: The length of your lease extension may vary. Some customers opt for a short extension while others extend for several more months or even years. Our team will work with you to find a solution that suits your needs.

  3. Continue Enjoying Your Chevrolet: Once your extension is finalized, you can continue driving your Chevrolet with the same peace of mind you've always had.

Returning Your Chevrolet Lease

If you're ready for a change, returning your leased Chevrolet is a simple process.

  1. Pre-Return Inspection: Schedule an appointment for a pre-return inspection. This process helps identify any potential wear and tear or excess mileage issues that could lead to end-of-lease charges.

  2. Schedule Your Return: Contact us to arrange a convenient time to return your vehicle.

  3. Return Your Chevrolet: Bring your vehicle to our dealership, along with any original equipment (such as keys and owner's manual), and we'll guide you through the return process.

Choosing Your Next Chevrolet Lease

One of the most exciting aspects of leasing a Chevrolet is the opportunity to regularly upgrade to the latest models. As you conclude one lease, you can seamlessly transition into a new lease, enjoying the thrill of a brand-new Chevrolet, packed with the most recent advancements in technology, safety, and performance.

Here are the steps for picking out your new lease:

  1. Explore our Inventory: Visit our new inventory online to see the wide range of Chevrolet models we have available.

  2. Schedule a Test Drive: Found something you like? Schedule a test drive to experience the car first-hand.

  3. Discuss Your Needs: Our leasing experts will work with you to understand your specific needs and preferences, guiding you towards the best model and lease agreement for your lifestyle.

  4. Seal the Deal: Once you've selected your next Chevrolet, we'll walk you through the new lease agreement, making sure you're fully informed and comfortable with the terms before signing.

  5. Drive Home in Your New Chevrolet: Finally, the most exciting part. Take the keys to your brand-new Chevrolet and enjoy the ride!

Remember, leasing a Chevrolet provides an array of benefits such as lower monthly payments, warranty coverage, and regular upgrades. Head back to our guide on why to lease a Chevrolet to refresh your memory on these advantages.

The end of your Chevrolet lease marks the beginning of another exciting journey with a brand-new Chevrolet. At Mountain View Chevrolet, we make this transition easy and enjoyable, whether you choose to extend your lease, return your vehicle, or jump right into a new lease. For more information about leasing with us, explore our Comprehensive Chevrolet Lease Guide.

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