Summer Driving Tips

Summer Driving Tips

Now that it's summer, road trips have begun. More cars are on the road and more pedestrians are out walking the city streets. In addition to more traffic, summer also means it's hot and when our vehicle's air conditioners stop working, we notice it. With the arrival of all these seasonal changes, Mountain View Chevrolet has a few summer driving tips to help you make the most of your summer.

#1 Never leave your child or dog in a parked car.

Heat stroke can occur when temperatures are only 60 degrees outside. 80 degrees and above, heat stroke can become common. To be safe, never leave your pet or child in the car.

#2 Keep hydrated.

Regardless of how well your car's air conditioning is running, a day in the sun or a day driving in the sun runs its course on our bodies. Keep water bottles with you and make sure everyone stays hydrated.

#3 If your vehicle's tires are worn, replace them.

Summer heat causes air in tires to expand, which can cause blowouts in worn tires. You don't want to get stuck changing a tire in the summer heat.

#4 Look out for bikers.

The nice weather of summer brings out more mopeds, motorcycles and bikers onto the streets. Make sure you check all of your blind spots for these smaller rides on the road.


Summer Driving Tips - Mountain View Chevrolet

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