Top Four Truck Care Tips To Always Remember

Truck Care TIps

Trucks are bigger, stronger and usually have to work harder than their smaller sibling - the car. The major differences between the two types of vehicles mean different care tactics are required to ensure they both reach an old age. Below you'll find the top four truck care tips you'll want to follow in order to keep your truck on the road longer with fewer problems.

Life is not a race; it's a marathon.

Trucks are big, bulky and powerful. Due to their powerful engines sometimes drivers like to open up that engine and test its 0 to 60 speed. Please don't do it. Trucks aren't meant to be driven like race cars. Yes, they have big engines but those engines exist to haul and tow large payloads. When driving your truck, think slow and steady and your truck will finish the marathon.

Wheels are what keep you rolling.

Trucks trample bumpy roads often, and because of the rough terrain they tackle, drivers should pay extra attention to tires, alignment, balancing and suspension. Rotate tires regularly. When you notice pulling to one side, check your truck's alignment. If your tires are wearing unevenly, check wheel balance and alignment.

Clockwork oil changes fight father time.

As mentioned earlier, truck engines work extra hard, even when they aren't towing anything. The heavy duty truck body demands a powerful engine. Because of the output power regularly needed by truck engines, it's extra important to regularly change your truck's oil.

Keep it clean and it will hold its gleam.

Most trucks play in the mud and dirt fairly regularly. That atmosphere can leave its mark overtime if truck owners don't clean it regularly. Caring for a truck's exterior helps fight rust and deterioration.


Top Four Truck Care Tips To Always Remember - Mountain View Chevrolet

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